South Norway

kilden-teater-og-konserthus3-foto-olav-breen   lighthouse, Lindesnes, Norway

Southern Norway attracts tourists from all around the world. The “Norwegian Riviera” is famous for its attractive towns, islands and coastal villages. The region is teeming, not only with tourism, but also with excellent industry, technology, innovation and science.
The University of Agder plays a key role in the regions research and development, and keep close ties to the industry sector, making the region well suited for research and development activities.
Southern Norway houses global industries like the cluster of GCE Node, who dominates the world market of drilling systems, and the world leading process industry in the cluster of NCE Eyde. In addition, Southern Norway is famous for its ICT industry and emerging industries in medtech, cleantech and biotechnology. The richness in natural resources contributes to the region having a solid role in agriculture, forestry, fishery and as subcontractors to the oil and gas industry.

Southern Norway is teeming with tourism, industry, technology, innovation and science, but also with opportunities. With guidance from the South Norway European Office you can discover new opportunities, innovations, markets and partners in Norway. Together we can survey the market Norway offers. Our offices in Kristiansand and Brus- sels are continously updated in recent development, both in the EU and in South of Norway. Our expertise can be of your advantage in discovering a new and exciting region.